1. The following shall be eligible to be the Member (all categories) of the Club: –
  • He must be 21 years or above in age.
  • No student can be Member of the Club irrespective of his age(student beyond Post-Graduate level and beyond 21 Years of his age are not treated as student for the above purpose ) .
  • In case of Government servant, must be a Class-I Officer.
  • He/she must be having good social and economic and educational status
  • In case of the employee of a Company, must be a Senior Executive.
  • In case of Business person must have a high reputation in the society.
2. Any member other than the Honorary Member and Members of the Managing Committee, who wish to propose a candidate for membership shall give notice of such proposal in writing to the Honorary Secretary in the application form ( to be supplied by Club Office ) after getting the proposal seconded by another member. The applicant shall be proposed and seconded by two valid members of the Club (other than the elected Managing Committee Member) who know the applicant intimately at least for a period of Five Years.
3. On receipt of such application along with the processing fee the Honorary Secretary shall put up the proposal on the Notice Board of the Club not less than 10 days before the date of the meeting of the Managing Committee.
4. A candidate pending consideration of his application for induction as a member cannot use the Club facilities as a proposed member.
5. No member can propose or second any applicant for new membership unless; he completes 5 years of membership.
6. No member can propose or second more than one applicant in a Year.
7. A person desirous of becoming a member shall apply in the prescribed form available in the Club Office after depositing a sum ( Non-refundable) and while submitting such application the processing fee (Non-refundable) as will be decided by the Managing Committee from time to time, has to be deposited along with the application form.
8. While considering the induction of a new member to the Club on such application, the Managing Committee should be convinced about his integrity, educational & social status, his status in the avocation. The Managing Committee having such consideration, at its discretion may call the candidate and his/her spouse for interaction with the Managing Committee Members. On being satisfied, the Managing Committee may induct such applicant as a Member of the Club.
9. The quorum of the Committee for induction of a candidate as a member shall be not less than 7 and in case of difference of opinion amongst the members of the Managing Committee there shall be a secret ballot for induction as a member.
10. In case Three Members of the Managing Committee vote against the candidate, he/she shall not be inducted as a Member.
11. The proceeding of the Managing Committee Meeting will remain secret.
12. Along with the application, a sum as may be required by the Honorary Secretary shall be deposited. Such deposit shall be adjusted in the Corpus Fund required to be deposited as per the decision of the Management.
13. Each selected candidate will deposit the balance required contribution to the Corpus fund as decided by the Managing Committee within fifteen days of receipt of intimation by the Club Office subject to adjustment of the amount already deposited for the purpose, failing which the process of induction will be treated as canceled and the amount deposited by the candidate towards Corpus Fund shall be refunded without any interest. The period of deposit of the balance amount may be extended for fifteen days by the Honorary Secretary of the Club on any reasonable ground. Such intimation by the Club Office shall be made by Registered Post.
14. If a Candidate is not selected by the Managing Committee, the amount so deposited along with his application (other than the processing fees and cost of form) shall be refunded to him without any interest within a period of one month from the date of such Managing Committee Meeting.
15. Making an application or pendency of the application for membership of the Club does not confer any right in favour of such applicant and the decision of the Managing Committee in this regard is purely discretionary and is final. No reason thereof can be demanded by the applicant.
16. All new members, who are inducted as such, will be on Probation for a period of One Year and their continuance will depend on their satisfactory conduct during the Probation period. Their conduct will be reviewed by the Managing Committee after the end of probation period for the purpose of final acceptance of their membership. All new members on probation will have no voting right until their membership is finally accepted by the Managing Committee.
  • To abide by the Rules of the Club.
  • To pay the dues of the Club in time
  • Not to cause damage to the Club property
  • Not to misuse Club premises/ sections other than it is meant for.
  • To maintain discipline, decorum and decency while in the Club premises
  • Not to act detrimental to the interest of the Club.
  • To keep the prestige and dignity of the Club in the eyes of the Public